NEW! Sweet-Feeder™ Hummingbird Feeder (With a FREE bottle of Nectar!)

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Introducing the last hummingbird feeder you will ever need to buy...

Corrosion resistant / powder-coated, machined aluminum feeder body and hanging system is all constructed right here in the U.S.A. 


Here are just a few of the features you will find built into the Sweet-Feeder:

  • Safer, Countersunk Feeding Ports - Our feeder ports are bored to a larger diameter at the underside to assure hummers have ample room to feed with no restrictions or chance of becoming trapped at your feeder.
  • Mess-Free Bottle Hanging & Removal - Hanging and removing your feeder to refill is a snap, and can be accomplished without sloshing sticky nectar all over your deck or patio...all thanks to our exclusive hanging unit that stays where it's been hung at all times.
  • Keeps Bees Away - The Sweet-Feeder has been engineered to automatically keep nectar levels where your hummingbirds can feed while bees cannot. 

While the Sweet-Feeder can be used with any nectar, we have developed ours to accept pre-filled bottles of Sweet-Nectar as well (both 375ml & 750ml bottles). Just recycle the old bottle and plug in your 100% sanitized bottle of Ready-to-use Sweet-Nectar!


What's inside the box:

  1. Feeder base
  2. Feeder hanging system
  3. Free 750ml bottle of Ready-to-use Sweet-Nectar
  4. Empty bottle that can be filled to whatever level you choose
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