Nectar as Nature Intended | The Sweet-Seed Way…

Unique Options: From the very beginning, we have made each of our all-natural Sweet-Nectar blends dye-free and infused with a proprietary blend of certified organic steam-distilled floral hydrosols, carefully created from the flowers most widely visited by hummingbirds in nature. As far as we have seen, we are the only nectar producers to do so. We take this same level of curiosity into everything we do here at Sweet-Seed, in an effort to turn the wild bird feeding industry on it’s head in order to do our best to do better by the birds we feed.

Highest Quality: Our process affords us the ability to START the process of creating our feeds with the very BEST of ingredients. Many feed companies came up as an alternative way to move overstocked or surplus ingredients. We buy only the best ingredients straight from the source, allowing us to provide you with the freshest possible product.

Irresistible: We won’t quit until we get it exactly right! This means that we read every single suggestion that you email us, we tirelessly test ideas, and are just as committed to the overall wellbeing of the wild bird population as when we started over a decade ago.