Sweet-Nectar™ Ready-to-Use Hummingbird Nectar, 750 ml. (25.3 oz.) - 2 pack


Gone are the mess and hassle of making your own hummingbird nectar just to be 100% certain that only the best of ingredients are being offered at your feeders. Our Sweet-Nectar™ ready-to-use hummingbird nectar is infused with all-natural, steam-distilled wildflower hydrosols that your hummers will love. Added calcium promotes healthy egg development and electrolytes aid in the prevention of dehydration. No unnecessary food coloring or corn syrup here! Just pour straight from the bottle into any hummingbird feeder and enjoy!

  • Infused with wildflower hydrosols
  • Made with pure cane sugar
  • Dye-free
  • Added calcium and electrolytes
  • No harmful preservatives

(2) 750 ml. bottles

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42 Reviews

Sharon 7th Jun 2023

Ready to Use Hummingbird Nectar

I can't say enough good things about this nectar. I found out about it three years ago and decided to try it. One of the best decisions I made that year. My hummingbirds love it! I wouldn't think of using anything else. I highly recommend trying it if you don't already use it.

Eva 30th May 2023

Hummingbird Ready-Made Nectar

I have used this nectar for many years in my hummingbird feeders and each time I fill a feeder, I will get feedings from the hummers within a day ! The vitamins in this nectar are far superior to any sugar I could boil myself as the Hummingbirds gravitate to it like a magnet and they remember who has the good stuff each year. By July, they are fighting over this nectar and guarding it with their lives. They joy they bring my family each year is priceless !

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